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Overcome Acute Depression using Shaklee Supplements?

Bismillah wa alhamdulillah...

*Based on true story*

How Amanda overcame her Acute Depression using Shaklee Supplements?

You overcome your depression using Shaklee supplements; how long did it took for you to start feeling the difference? 

I noticed a difference within the first 7 days in the quality of my sleep. Better sleep gave my body much needed rest and the ability to repair itself absorbing the nutrients I had been missing.

What diagnose did the doctor gave you? 

Acute Depression. and her solution after 20 minutes of listening to my symptoms was an antidepressant - Wellbutrin - " for life" . This was the " tipping point" that made me look for healthier alternatives.

What were your symptoms? 
  • Constant fatigue, 
  • lack of sleep, 
  • body aches and exhaustion during the day
  • a pervasive feeling of worthlessness, 
  • irritability, 
  • fear of having a future with " no way out" of my problems, 
  • anxiety'
  • cravings for sugary foods. 
In addition to this I suffered from sciatica (which my doctor had told me I would have to " learn to live with"), colitis, asthma and severe allergies during the season changes. These conditions were logically aggravated with stress, so when I was diagnosed with depression my asthma was in full bloom!

Why did you become involved with Shaklee? 

When I decided that I would not be medicated "for life" at the age of 47, I knew I had to do something. My mother mentioned looking for "natural alternatives" and I remembered a teacher at my son's school who sold Shaklee products.

I called her and she was very responsive and caring. She came to my house with products and her recommendations, assured me that I would feel better, when I gave my body the nutrients it was craving... and told me she would stay in touch with me if I needed anything. She did call me weekly to see how I was doing, which I thought was very considerate of her. She also mentioned that if the products did not work for me, I would get the money back and she would there to make another combination of products if this became necessary... This was a very nice introduction to the brand and I had nothing to lose. I needed to do something to feel better.

You also use cinch and you lost 20 pounds in only four months!! Your goal to fit, once again, into your wedding dress (you were married in 1991) and you did it!! Congratulations!! Please explain to us what is cinch? 

20 pounds lost in 4 months. 

Cinch is a complete Weight Management program that helps people get to a healthier weight by protecting their metabolism, and nourishing the body so the person has 2 complete meals, (out of the 3 needed daily) a multivitamin that boosts metabolism, and reduces cravings, energy teas and protein
snack bars. This program provides the food for a month and people can begin their weight transformation with monthly goals. We provide personal support and online tools for people to learn to build healthier eating habits. 

The purpose of Cinch is to balance out the body nutritionally, and have the person reach their weight loss goals while she transitions into a healthier eating pattern without dieting, or starving the body. 

Besides overcoming your depression, you are a Shaklee Global Ambassador, a Business Leader. How has Shaklee changed your life? 

It gave me a solution to a health problem and I learned that I had something precious to "share" with others. I had an AHA moment, when I realized that life is full of opportunities to find purpose and many times they come disguised as "obstacles". These obstacles could be a health challenge, that once you overcome it, you gain strength and wisdom, and then with faith you discover that you are meant to help others with your story. Shaklee improved my health and has given me the tools to learn the equivalent of a career in Health and Wellness.

Source: Amanda Aymar, Business and Wellness Mentor 

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